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curiosity saved the cat

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Mar. 25th, 2006 | 01:24 am

I want to call out and see if there is an answer
are we really connected or is it just a dream?

will a dolphin do a triple spin when i cry out?
will a gorilla somewhere eat an extra banana in response to my call?

will an orchard grow an extra apple tree when i laugh?
will a squid miss a meal when i've farted?

are we really connected?
will another rose bloom when someone tells me i'm lovable?

will death strike a cactus when I go into my suicidal bouts?
will a cat be saved from a speeding car when I've indulged in another scrapbooking fest?

will a person breathe another breath when I've found my calling?
will a shark die when I've missed an opportunity to show someone love?

will i spill my coffee when a deer feels a bullet entering her hide?
will i choke on my cheesecake when an old man in texas has his nineth heart attack?

will i feel a high when a sixth grader in kansas wins the spelling bee (and mistakenly think it's the zoloft?)
will I find a treasure in the mail when an eagle fledgling takes its first flight?

are we truly to receive one another in the most intimate ways?
will an aardvark in australia understand me better than my best friend?

will my questions never end?
will the foreverness of my curiosity sustain the momentum of evolution?

does this even make any sense, loved ones?

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